Test Shoot with Sebastian Cvitanic

16 May 2017

Early this morning after the third day of my antibiotic to combat my flu and ear infection, I headed over to the Seattle Center Armory. The Armory building has these great brick walls when you enter from the back and an interior that encompasses the 70s. I immediately opened the door to a homeless man sleeping on a bench inside, oh Seattle. I took the elevator up the floor and turned left to see Sebastian waiting for me, kind.

The space is perfect. Dark, with just the right amount of natural light seeping in from windows on the far wall. A dancer’s heaven since the studio is lined with mirrors covered by the curtain. I always felt safer in a room with mirrors, yet at the same time always more critical.

After a short introduction and minimal amount of agreement, we began. I stood in my black leotard and tutu with point shoes on a small cube and pretended to dance. I say pretend, because before me  on this box stood some lovely dancers from Pacific Northwest Ballet, and as I said, you are always more critical of your self.

I awkwardly tried to make horizontal poses, being tall, standing on a cube, and fitting in a horizontal camera frame is not my expertise. There is such a fine line of being a professional model or a professional dancer, and I don’t think it merely means to be paid for your craft. I think it has everything to do with the sensitivity that you approach your work. Or perhaps that is what makes a model or a dancer an artist. So I took a deep breath in, and relaxed on my little cube, and I began to move to the gentle rain that pattered down outside. The rest I have forgotten, perhaps you will see in the photos, they are after all worth a thousand words.

Sebastian and I continued to work on some simple cinematic portraits. Simple is my favorite. Simple, no makeup, no fancy clothing, no bells and whistles. It is so pure and so true that it just dives into your soul and pulls out every part of your gut. At this point you can’t hide from the camera, who you are needs to show through. This is why I like Sebastian’s photography, every photo brings out the essence of the artist he is photographing. It truly is an art, something that may not necessarily be on sale, but something that can be appreciated for generations. I have not actually seen my photos as I write this, and I am excited to see how they come out in regard to my current feeling about it. Beautiful or not, I know that they will be so me, and that is the most beautiful thing of all.

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